Steve Gallaway quoted in Global Gaming Business Magazine

Join Together

by James Rutherford

The story of the casino industry is a story of big companies buying other big companies, big companies buying no-so-big companies and smaller companies buying other smaller companies and becoming bigger companies.  The last 20 years have seen more than a dozen operators disappear in this way, their names surviving only in the lights on the marquees, on chip faces and on the logos on table felts.

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Brendan Bussmann quoted in Lincoln Journal Star

What are the odds of sports gambling becoming legal in Nebraska?

by Cindy Lange-Kubrick

So the U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the lane for states to legalize betting on basketball.  And on baseball and on football and on Tiger Woods winning one more major.

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Brendan Bussmann quoted in Husker Extra

Driving for 6: Osborne says gamblers used to accost him; NU’s light attrition (so far); O’Brien’s plan

by Steven M. Sipple

Tom Osbourne’s opinions on the subject of sports gambling are well known.  He’s against it.  He thinks it has negative societal consequences, and that those consequences outweigh any economic benefits a state may incur.

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Brendan Bussmann quoted on Detroit Today on WDET

Will Michigan Legalize Sports Betting and What Would it Mean for the Economy?

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door for legal sports betting across the country.  In a 6-3 vote, the justices struck down a 1992 Federal law that banned sports gambling in most states.

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John English quoted in Asia Gaming Brief Magazine

Asian players drive shift in content demand

Asian sports books are adding more content in response to demand from local gamers, with betting on smaller, local sports now growing at a faster pace than punting on the European big leagues, experts say.

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Andrew Klebanow interviewed on

G2E Asia 2018 day 2 recap

Thousands of people continue to arrive at the second day of the Global Gaming Expo 2018 at the Venetian Macau to learn more about the future of gaming and to take advantage of the networking innovation set within the space

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Shaun McCamley quoted in Casino Review Magazine

Casino expansion on the cards for Myanmar?

Myanmar’s Ministry of Home Affairs is looking to amend the country’s gambling law to allow the casino industry to open up, however Shaun McCamley, a partner at Global Market Advisors, suggests that the new legislation could still be a way off.

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Article authored by Andrew Klebanow published in Indian Gaming Magazine

If PASPA is Repealed, Then What?

by Andrew Klebanow

Much has been written about the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) and its possible repeal.  To summarize, there are three possible outcomes.  The first is that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rules PASPA is unconstitutional.  In that case, it will be up to the individual states to decide whether to allow sports betting and the various forms it might take.  The second scenario is that SCOTUS lets PASPA stand in its current form.  In this scenario it would be up to Congress to decide if it wants to repeal or amend PASPA.  Given the current political climate in Washington D.C., passage of such a bill might take some time.  The third scenario is that SCOTUS takes a completely different route, either issuing a partial repeal or potentially invalidating the four state exemption that currently exists.

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