Article authored by Brendan Bussmann published in Inside Asian Gaming Magazine

Responsible Gaming in Japan – Bill to be key to Japan’s Gaming Market

by Brendan Bussmann

As Japan continues to look at the development of integrated resorts (IR), many people engaged and following the market are focused on the IR Implementation Bill.  While it is important to know the regulatory framework, it is just as important for operators and interested parties to understand the importance of responsible gaming measures.  This second bill that has sometimes been overlooked in recent months focuses on this topic.

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Article authored by Steve Gallaway, Brendan Bussmann, and Kit Szybala published in Global Gaming Business Magazine

Home Stretch In Japan
by Steve Gallaway, Brendan Bussmann and Kit Szybala

For nearly 20 years, Japan has gone through several false starts and iterations in its attempt to legalize integrated resorts. In December 2016, Japan took it’s first official first step toward legalization with the passing of the IR Promotion Bill. Later this spring, Japan is poised to take the final step in this process with the introduction of two bills that will help solidify the initial act: the IR Implementation Bill and the Basics Bill on Gambling Addiction Countermeasures.

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Andrew Klebanow’s article published in Global Gaming Business Magazine

Cash Back to Free Play

by Andrew Klebanow

Non-negotiable slot credits, or what is more commonly known as “free play,” has emerged as the most often-used tool in the casino marketing arsenal.  It has supplanted cash prizes, complimentary dining and invitations to special events as the primary incentive for rewarding player loyalty.

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John English quoted in Forbes

Bet on U.S. Supreme Court Sports Wagering Verdict to Change the Game in Asia

by Muhammad Cohen

A U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn the federal government ban on sports betting would trigger expansion of all forms of online gaming in Asia, industry experts say.  Opinions differ on how fast U.S. legalization might alter Asia’s gaming landscape and whether online revenue will be int he tens or hundreds of billions of dollars, but there’s no doubt legal sports betting in the U.S. will change the game.

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Shaun McCamley mentioned in Bloomberg Businessweek

A Chinese Casino Has Conquered a Piece of America

by Matthew Campbell

Dr. Marty Rohringer was ending a graveyard shift at the lone hospital on Saipan, the exceptionally remote U.S. Island, when four Chinese men arrived with a body.

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Bill Bryson interviewed by

Bill Bryson: Taiwan needs to shift paradigm to accommodate casinos

Taiwan, which is strategically located southeast of mainland China, has continuously struggled to open a single integrated resort at a time when its neighbors in the Asia-Pacific region have been racing to get a fair slice of the regional gambling pie.

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GMA’s Japan Whitepaper quoted in Inside Asian Gaming

Japan must cluster casinos to succeed: Paul Steelman

Globally renowned casino architect Paul Steelman says that Japan must create a casino cluster rather than award single casino licenses to individual cities if it hopes to achieve its goal of boosting inbound tourism.

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Brendan Bussmann quoted in AP News

Should New Jersey lessen its expectations on sports betting?

by Wayne Parry

Atlantic City is dreaming of vast new riches that might come its way if the U.S. Supreme Court legalizes sports betting here and across the nation, but some analysts say the state might do well to curb its enthusiasm a bit.

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Article by Andrew Klebanow and John English published in Global Gaming Business

Deep Dive

The Future of Sports Betting in the United States

by Andrew Klebanow and John English

As the nation awaits the upcoming decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Christie v. NCAA, various stakeholders are evaluating their next steps, and how to maximize the revenue potential from legalized sports betting.

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Andrew Klebanow interviewed in Casino Review

Market insight: Tax rates and red tape on investment hamper growth in Vietnam

Andrew M. Klebanow, senior partner at Global Market Advisors, gives the low-down on the strengths and weaknesses of the Vietnamese integrated resort market

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